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                               a docu-series by Rick Sweetser & Jayem Lane

Series Overview

Executive Producer Joe Gironda presents, Opium, a five-part documentary series by Rick Sweetser and Jayem Lane.

Unlike other films looking at the current opioid crisis, Opium delivers a message of hope to those suffering from opioid addiction. Our focus includes addicts and their families, overburdened medical facilities, first responders, and law enforcement. The old paradigm is not working, but there are new programs and treatments that are producing remarkable results. Opium wants to shed new light on this desperate struggle.

Episode 1, "Slay the Beast"

This episode is an overview of the heroin crisis, as we follow the path of Kris Dery, a 35-year-old sufferer who has been in active opioid addiction for 14 years, and recovery programs over 80 times. Former addicts, now in successful recovery, are interviewed as are first responders such as paramedics and law enforcement personnel, as well as members of Kris Dery's family who have been devastated by his ordeal.

Episode 2, "Ground Zero" (coming soon)

In this installment we take a close look at the challenges faced by first responders. Police, fire, paramedics, and special task force personnel have been interviewed, and share their unique perspective in a dangerous, and sometimes thankless job.

Episode 3, "Dope Sick" (coming soon)

Research has shown that narcotics derived from opium present their own set of neural behaviors. Brain chemistry is altered in a way that makes addiction to opioids fiercely gripping. Prominent neuroscientists discuss new treatments to replace opiate medications currently being used.

Episode 4, "Tailored Treatment" (coming soon)

In the face of ineffective treatments, recovery professionals are trying many new approaches to achieve successful results. Some of them controversial. Several of these methods are explored, as we learn from the therapists that no single approach to this disease will be effective for all sufferers.

Episode 5, "Hope" (coming soon)

In our final episode, we look in on the lives of several people who have been in recovery for a significant amount of time and now lead productive, happy lives. We learn from them what was effective in their success. Throughout this docu-series, Kris Dery's progress will be updated, as he battles the demons of addiction. His motivations for success are many:  his supportive family, his beautiful daughters, his music career... but the grip of opioids make life a daily struggle.

View Episode 1

Viewers are introduced to Kris Dery, a 35-year-old substance abuse sufferer who has been in active opioid addiction for 15 years. You will also meet former addicts now in successful recovery, first responders, and members of Kris Dery's family.

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